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The case of the missing idol of Goddess in Ugratara Devalaya, Guwahati

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Ugratara Devalaya is a temple in Guwahati dedicated to Goddess Ugratara, a form of 'Shakti' and is related to Tantric worship. The Shrine dates back to 1st century where the present temple structure was built by Ahom king Shiva Singha in the 18th century.

Two beautiful tanks known as Jorpukhuri are in the backside of the temple where people used to take bath before entering the temple to worship the goddess. In the main Garbhagriha there is a small water tank which is said to be connected to the tanks outside. A flock of swans keep swimming in the serene tanks increasing the beauty of the surrounding. The tank is also home to black Softshell Turtles.

The centuries old idol of the goddess was stolen by miscreants on the night of 15th November, 2018. The idol made of Ashtadhatu(eight metals) is antique and extremely valuable. The devotees, police and administration searched and searched but all in vain. When the idol could not be found after months of searching, the temple authorities decided to get a new idol of the goddess made similar to the old one. Then a date was fixed to do Sthapana or installation the new idol.

The temple priests started making all arrangements for the puja. And just two days before the installation the miracle happened. News about the old idol came dramatically from a small town Golaghat about 300 kms away from the temple in Guwahati. It so happened that the thieves had cut a small peice from the idol and took it to sell in a goldsmiths shop. The goldsmith on seeing the piece of Ashtadhatu could tell that it was cut from something bigger and very old. He informed the police secretly and they laid a trap which ended in the thieves being caught in another town Nalbari near Guwahati on 30th April, 2019. The idol was recovered barely 24 hrs before the installation of the new idol and restored back to its original glory. The priests and devotees were overjoyed and puja was done with an increased gusto and devotion.

Now both the idols are placed side by side and worshipped like sisters by the devotees of goddess Ugratara.. !!

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